Recommendations on Challenges and sustainable solutions for Transport, Energy, Water and Sanitation for the emergence of African cities


The African Association of Public Transport (UATP) and the African Water Association (AFWA), at its partner session during the 7th Africities Summit, held  on 30 November 2015 , in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the theme "Challenges and sustainable Solutions for Transport, Energy, Water and Sanitation for the emergence of African Cities ":


Considering that

  • Public services, including water, sanitation, electricity and public transport play a major role in the daily lives and well-being;
  • Developing initiatives is to encourage and support throughout Africa to respond adequately to the expectations of people on public services;
  • The sustainable development of African cities can not be achieved without the implementation of integrated public services that are effective and accessible to all its inhabitants;
  • Integrated and efficient public services contribute to improving the quality of urban life


Participants Recommend:

1.     Establish policies and a long-term strategic vision for public services in line with the dynamics of urbanization and growing needs;

2.     Establish a strong governance, institutional and regulatory framework to coordinate all actions or policy decisions of public services by the creation of organizing authorities;

3.     Focus on sharing, professionalization and capacity building of the  public services actors;

4.     Promote access to sustainable financing mechanisms for the development of effective and sustainable services for the African growing.

5.     That associations such as UATP and AFWA, are positioned as a center of expertise in Africa, including by becoming partners or consultants;


Johannesburg 30 November 2015