UATP at the Workshop on Urban Transport Policy in the District of Abidjan

The 9 and 10 May 2016, was held in the Hall of the Autonomous District of Abidjan, a workshop on Urban Transport Policy in the District of Abidjan.

Invited as an advisory body, the African Association of Public Transport (UATP) took an active part in organizing this national workshop. UATP was represented by its Honorary President, Dr. Ousmane Thiam and its Secretary General, Mr. CISSE Yssoufou.

With international experts and speakers from France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Senegal, with representatives of Dongsan Engineering, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, CODATU, UATP, the workshop helped to address issues relating to the institutional framework, financing of urban transport, spatial reconfiguration of transport networks, organization of unconventional transport actors and environmental aspects of urban transport in Abidjan.

After the work in commissions and plenary discussions, the workshop made recommendations whose main points are:

-       Creation of an Urban Transport Organising Authority in Abidjan (UTAO)

-       Reconfiguration of non-conceded transport networks while organizing drawdowns on heavy axes, for an overall operation that is coherent, effective and harmonious.

-       Remove from circulation all vehicles not complying with environmental standards, especially polluter vehicles.

-       Revise thumbnail pricing system to make it proportional to the age of the vehicle (the polluter pays principle).

-       Establishment of a Transport Payment based on a comprehensive feasibility study on the financing of the urban transport system in Abidjan.

UATP welcomes the holding of such an event which conclusions are part of its vision for the development of Public Transport in Africa.